Last Monday, the case of a beautiful woman seeking a man to shit on his chest was announced, we’re talking about Rose Myers who assured in the announcement it’s a fantasy she always had since she was a little girl and she wants to fulfill before getting married.

“I want to shit on a man’s chest before getting married because my future husband doesn’t want to do it for free, my poops are perfect and they barely smell. You’ll have fun and will also get paid” wrote Rose in a Facebook ad that reached 5.500 shared in just 2 hours “a complete success”, she said.

Assures she will pay $6000 to the man who dares to carry out this activity but explains they must be fit, even though she’s not interested in whether they’re smart or stupid, simply they must be fit and in shape. Regarding chest hair, she says it doesn’t matter whether they’re shaved or not, even though without hairs there will be less difficulties at cleaning time.