The Syracuse police was in the news again due to a young man who tested positive for cholesterol after undergoing a drug test. According to a local police spokesman, it was 6:00 in the afternoon when a couple of police officers stopped some young people who were circulating in a suspicious manner.

The driver R.F.G, 23-year-old and resident of Syracuse claimed haven’t consumed any type of narcotic substance nor have drunk a single drop of alcohol. The agents trust the boy as long as they could spit (Normal for how he looked like) and chose to fulfill the alcohol and drug consumption test as well as a thorough search of the car and body.

Surprisingly for the agents, R.F.G gave 0.0 in alcohol, but when the drug test started showing negative of the different drugs, a warning on the screen never seen by any of the agents showed up, a cholesterol positive of 320. Keep in mind that the ideal levels are below 200. The young man did not seem to agree with the result of the machine and asked to be tested again. The truth is that the result was curious because the boy was skinny as a rail.

“We did not have an action protocol in these cases, so we decided to arrest him, we have saved his life,” says one of the agents. “These machines are designed to detect up to 7 narcotic substances, we do not understand what has happened, but we have acted in the best possible way”

Now the boy is locked in a separated cell with 2 Danacoldroppers injected into his vein and watching videos of healthy habits. “Until be down to normal cholesterol levels, you won’t see the sunlight,” says Syracuse’s local police chief.