It seems like a fiction story but bad luck has wanted it to be real. Rebecca, 21 years old, has got pregnant after putting on a panties with semen form her brother, who has been able to demonstrate his high fertility due this strange event.

Johnny, 18 year-old teenager, with a face full of pimples and passionate about Pornhub. As such a young man, he kills himself every day (raise or shine), he doesn’t feel like a person without his daily masturbation ,(I got you my friend).

As Johnny has confessed, last Tuesday he was alone at home and he masturbated as usual. The problem came when he saw that there was not toilet paper and took a panties from the bucket of dirty clothes. “I didn’t want to splash the tiles, I got nervous and didn’t know what to do, so I cleaned myself up there and put them back in the bucket”.With such a bad luck that a few minutes later her sister arrived, who had a date with a boy from Tinder, so she desperately looked for her lucky panties.

Without thinking, Becca took her lucky panties from the dirty laundry bucket and put them on. But what the young woman didn’t know she was going to get a unpleasant surprise. “I screamed, disgusting!!! What is this? As I heard my brother’s laughter from his room, I immediately realized what that thick, hot liquid really was”.

Bad luck caused one of his brother’s little soldiers to stay alive in the tissue until his sister arrived, thus reaching her ovum, managing to fully fertilize her, getting pregnant at that moment.