The New York Police Department investigate a bakery that apparently used the loaves of bread to hide the drug and send it to the consumers, all this after a young man found 3g of cocaine in a loaf of bread he supposedly bought.

The bakery owner has not history of drug trafficking but has always been under surveillance by the police due it is a simple business with hardly any client and he enjoys a large mansion and several high-end cars.

The defendant’s lawyer assures they do not know the relevance of that loaf of bread and the owner besides having the bakery, also has a “flour business” which goes well and gives him that style of life.

The whistle-blower who calls himself “white man” is well known by the big parties he makes every weekend and the many hours he spends without sleeping. The agents do not fully understand why “White Man” decided to report instead of keeping the drug, so they do not rule out the hypothesis it is a revenge against the one who was his dealer.