23-year-old J.D.L, a resident of A Coruña, has been detained by the Ibiza Civil Guard after several British tourists denounced him for selling them a pitted wall instead of cocaine. The arrest occurred in the well-known neighborhood of San Antonio around five in the afternoon of last Sunday.

Officers seized the boy 12 chopped-wall sachets and 30 grams of oregano, which he also apparently sold to tourists as if he were a type of synthetic marijuana. According to police investigations, the detainee had been earning a living in this way for 4 years.

The general director of the Ibiza Civil Guard has transmitted to the Mallorca newspaper that since then ,131 complaints have been received from drunk tourists claiming that a young man of his characteristics sold them chopped wall, parsley or ibuprofen.

The prosecution asks for 12 months in prison or 500 hours of community service working as a stooge on a public horse farm. Instead, the defendant’s defense alleges that his client did not have any illegal substance in his possession and that the profits generated do not exceed $3,000 per year, so he is not forced to register in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.