Kevin Miles 23 year-old and drug addict by profession, was arrested by Kansas Police Department. Apparently the young man was denounced by his mother after causing several material damages in the home and snorting his grandpa’s ashes, who died of heart attack after Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 2020.

Police sources have reported that after a strong discussion full screams and beatings,the neighbors called them. Being Sunday and having nothing else to do, the police quickly arrived, where Kevin was found in a state of drugged shock under the effects of his grandpa’s ashes.

According to several gossip neighbors who found out what happened, the origin of the dispute was when the drug addict Kevin asked his mother for his weekly pay as every Monday to buy his weekly dose. He became very aggressive and and began to break doors and plates .

“I tried to give him a couple of joints to calm him but there was no way, after pounding on all the furniture and destroying half a house, he threatened to snort my mother’s ashes” said Kevin’s mother through tears.

The agents decided to take Kevin to the police station, where he spent 72 hours. “I’ve seen young people sniffing everything, but someone’s ashes seem something exorbitant that it’ll be necessary to prove” said an agent.