Unfortunately we all have in our group of friends, that one who steals the lighter when we all are totally drunks. However these “thieves” have the gift of taking it away in broad daylight before you can blink.

But what happened in Lakeland (Tennessee) is not common. 5 best friends group has decided to push one of them out of the group and report him to the police for having been doing this for 5 years. “Last Saturday I went out to party and I had 7 lighters with me, when I got home I had none”. Said Robert who assures it was the last straw.

“We have been accusing each other for years,with not evidence, but finally we found out who the culprit was”.

The 22-year-old boy has been accused for stealing lighters from his friends, worth more than $1.900 for the past 5 years. He has pleaded not guilty but the police officers were able to see some whatsapp chats where he boasts of having been able to steal more then 2.200 lighters without raising suspicions.

2.296 lighters were finally found into his house, which were returned to their owners, and 15g of weed that few hours later were smoked by the police officers.