Mike Smith 25 year-old electrical engineer in Massachusetts, has created a new device, called “Jerk-powered-generator (JPG)”, able to generate electricity by masturbating.

The device is fixed to the arm to get the energy of each rise and fall, it’s also made up of several dynamo coils and activated by the movement of the hand during the masturbation process; With a system of mini LED pulleys, the energy is multiplied and collected in a external hard disk to be plugged into a mini generator which converts the energy.

Mike assures he’s been working 13 months on this project and personally took care of the safety tests. “I’ve lost my sight and have masturbated thousand times since I started but it has worth it, my family is proud of me and happy of having free electricity for next five years”.

He says being a man who supports renewable energy projects and, after filing this patent, hopes his invention can acquire affordable market value so that the poor can create their own electricity by jerking off.” it’s the healthiest and most effective way, you satisfy yourself and create your own electricity”. he states.

Mike also explained to the media that his idea came up during a vacation trip to Uganda where he saw lots of people living without electricity and many men spent the whole time jerking off. “It was at that moment when I said to myself…We need to take advantage of that hand movements”.