A 25-year-old British man is in critical conditions after rushing from a second floor into the inner courtyard of a hotel in Mangaluf (Balearic Islands) Spain. The event have occurred at six in the morning and according to several witnesses, the young man was clearly under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but he was aware that there was no pool since there were several people shouting at him not to jump.

He climbed the balcony railing, dropped his pants and jumped into the void screaming “Geronimooooo!!! A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and took the man to the hospital. Once there, he underwent 19 surgeries and at the moment his condition is pretty bad.

The tourist, resident in Manchester, has suffered a spinal trauma besides broken both knees and fractured his wrists. Apparently, the young man has been publishing his interest in balconing in a hotel without a pool for a long time, with the sole propose of getting a handful of likes an hundred reproductions. His friends never took him seriously and made fun of him in the comments, finally the outcome couldn’t be worse and the man end up stamped on the concrete floor.

Police sources have reported that the man has already been denounced on 7 more occasions for practicing balconing during his vacations. The victim joins the long list of tourists who have been seriously injured by carrying out this risky activity known as balconing.