Anna Clark 48-years-old was taken to the West Hospital Family Birthing Center (Cincinnati,OH) once her waters broke. After 4 hours of labor “everything was about to end” a nurse said” but suddenly Anna farted so strong and stinky that the medical team was force to leave the room”.

According to some people who were in the place, they all managed to escape except the midwife who did not have the same luck and received the stinky smell on her face and passed out.

Only remained in the rum Anna, the midwife laying on the floor and Anna’s husband who took out an anti-gas mask to keep helping his wife, later he confessed he went to the delivery with army gadgets to survive any adversity, “I knew this could happen, my wife hardly farts but when she does you must run away”.

The hospital director activated the fire alarm and forced the third floor to be vacated. But when they saw Anna again, there were 4 people in the room. “I found her crying of joy and her husband ,even with the mask on, with the baby in his hands safe and sound. The midwife was still lying on the floor with serious breathing problems” said the director.