This morning a 49-year-old woman died behind the steering wheel while trying to park her vehicle in Brooklyn Heights. The woman who responds to the acronym H.G.V lacked experience on the road. Some witnesses have clarified to the authorities that the lady had been searching for parking in the neighborhood since Tuesday.

The body has been found inside the vehicle at 09:30 in the morning and after a simple autopsy, the coroner has determined that the victim died of hunger, stress and anxiety. Apparently the victim passed the practical road test last Friday, March 24, and on Tuesday she went to the TOTOWA AUTO GROUP to buy a second-hand Kia Soul Base, then she went to her neighborhood to show the car to her housewives’ friends, but it never happened.

Curiously, it is not a bad area to park, nor is the car very large, but the nerves for scratching the vehicle due to her inexperience behind the wheel, have led this lady to share a hotel with Michael Jackson. This news has shocked the city and a group of women has started collecting signatures for the Brooklyn Center City Council to install ¨ Girls Only ¨ parking lots, “If disabled people have the right, we do too” claimed one of them.