Bill Colston, a 30-year-old man, lost yesterday, playing slot machines in a Casino in Las Vegas, almost 1 million dollars, after having won the Powerball hours before.

According to eyewitnesses. “Look at two blue diamonds, I almost got the prize!” exclaimed while he spent the full prize of the Powerball in the machines.

“After spending the last dollar earned, I saw Bill reach into his pocket and find the last $5 , with which he managed to achieve the three blue diamonds. He got a prize of $80 after more than 5 hours playing and almost a million dollars spent, but the man burst into tears of joy, “said Mark, one of the casino employees.

“He picked up his $80 from the box and stopped playing, then made his way to the casino bar area and bought a bottle of champagne and uncorked it screaming: Today is my lucky day! I got the Powerball and the three blue diamonds! ”.