A herd of wild hogs starred yesterday a series of altercations in California, under the influence of marijuana. After 4 hours of persecution, the wild hogs were shot by police officers. “Were moments of great tension, they devastated everything” said a neighbor. It’s estimated that the value of material damages already reaches $140.000.

The wild hogs were reportedly drugged on the farm of a 81 year-old man who grew marijuana outside the city. Attracted by the strong smell of marijuana, the wild hogs couldn’t resist and ate as much as they could.

According to a veterinary doctor in the city, the wild hogs suffered a psychotic disorder induced by adulterated substance, which triggered a brutally aggressive behavior. “Their behavior could’ve been worse, drugs in animals have devastating consequences, I give it to my mother-in-low and you won’t wanna see how she gets on”.

Minutes after eating marijuana plants, the herd moved into the city where chaos remained for 4 hours. 9 people were injured and 7 cars burned, even witnesses assure that they tried to throw the mayor out of a bell tower. “I had never seen a wild hog so angry, the devil was clearly seen in their eyes, they stole my cell phone and $130 that I had in my pocket”, confessed one of the victims.