Whatsapp may suspend without prior notice the accounts of users who repeatedly send a nude picture. “We are receiving thousands of lawsuits from girls who claim to receive this type of photos from their friends and from not-so-friends. We have to end this content on our social messaging network. For this reason we have installed several image recognition algorithms and will block all those who do not comply with the regulations. Those who receive a nude picture should report the message to make our job easier, “said Mark Zuckerberg in his official IG account.

When the user is denounced, they will receive a message on their phone: “If you send another nude picture, you will be blocked for 3 months and you will not be able to use WhatsApp in this period of time”. If finally the user does not claim the decision, the phone number associated with the account will stop working immediately and therefore, he will not be able to use WhatsApp and will be forced to go to shit about Telegram, Hangouts or the already obsolete SMS.

In addition, the top president of the social network wanted to remember that there are also other infractions that are frequently committed, and that are not the less important for that reason. Mark Zuckerber refers to the shitting photos. “Enough of sending photos to the groups when you sit on the toilet to poop. Nobody cares when you defecate or when you don’t, ”he explained.

“If the attitude of these users does not cease, which are generally the same ones that send a nude without permission, they can be eliminated from the network in a withering and definitive way,” concluded the good Mark.