Whatsapp can suspend user’s accounts without prior notice if they send shitting photos repeatedly. “We have received thousands of complaints from clients who want to end this type of photography on the network, so we have hosted algorithms to detect them and block the user for a certain time”. Zuckerberg warned on his official Facebook account.

When regulations are breached the users will see the following message on their screens. “If you send shitting photos again you will be blocked for 30 days, contact support to file an appeal”. If the person has been blocked, can write an email and explain he was not shitting, but will have nothing to do about it.

However for whatsapp there are other milder inappropriate actions that, although they do not mean the final blocking of users, deserve a touch of attention such as those who send gifs of their shit and those who send selfies of their face doing the biggest effort while shitting.

In these cases the company will display an informative message warning of the risks involved on sending this type of information and requesting a change for the good of the community.