We had seen Vietnamese pigs, turtles, raccoons and guinea pigs before, but we would never have believed that it was possible to walk lettuces and not be called crazy, because now it is the new trending challenge among vegans.

This trend has become very popular among young vegans, according to the famous psychologist David Peace: “it is a great anti-stress therapy, because walking lettuces instead of dogs are all advantages”.

“Vegetables are better than dogs since they don’t bark and don’t start fights with other vegetables. They don’t even need food and they don’t leave the message on the pavement ”.

“It’s a way of run away from depression and loneliness. I feel free. Walking my lettuce and coming back, charges my soul batteries at 100%.” A vegan student tells us. And another young man adds: “If I see that it has arrived in good condition, I wash it a little and I eat it at dinner time, what else can we ask for?!!” He comments with his arms up.