James Patrick, a 49-year-old resident of Miami, had been in coma for 33 days fighting the Covid-19. The doctors did not predict a happy ending for Jamie (that’s how he prefers to be called), but based on effort, medications, and sanitary treatment, he has managed to overcome the situation and has managed to wake up.

From the Mercy Hospital they have declared to the media that Jamie has woken up singing the song ‘I feel good’ by James Brown and asking the nurses for a face mask. In an interview one of the employees of the emergency plant, has confessed this was a miracle. “The truth is that we gave him up dead, but the guy woke up screaming ‘bring me a face mask and let’s go out!!!’.

The medical staff called the family to understand this behavior, and as they could get to know, James was a news viewer who used to spend more than 6 hours daily watching the news . In fact, he got to the hospital with a promotional T-shirt with the words “Fuck Covid-19”.

“Typically, patients who spend many hours watching the news have less chance of survival and are more likely to get the pandemic because of the negative psychological effect of the news . We have to admit that it’s been a true miracle,” declared the center’s chief director.