This morning at 09:00 a.m, the 43-year-old G.D.C woke up after being in a coma for about 6 months after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest last summer. It all started when G.D.C was with his colleagues smoking “critical” weed when a bad puffs went to the wrong pipe and led to the failure of his main organ, the lung.

 The man was immediately transferred to the hospital, still conscious, but the anxiety of not having been able to finish that delicious joint triggered the fatal cardiorespiratory arrest. It happened a long time ago, but luckily the desire to consume has managed to wake up the boy who has woken up screaming to the nurses “Where’s my joint? Give me my joint! What am I doing here?”

At the moment of opening his eyes, the boy was alone in the room, he took off all the gadgets and began to run down the hall in bewilderment. The family was immediately informed that their loved one had woken up demanding marijuana.

Full of happiness and smiling from ear to ear, the relatives came to the hospital with a marijuana cake (¨Of course¨) to welcome him back to this world, accompanied by a bouquet of buds from the marijuana plant that he started cultivating just before the accident. What a crazy family!