A young man was found unconscious in his tent inside the grounds of the “Coachella”, celebrated on the past 17, 18, and April 19 in Indio (California). His friends had already gone and just left him there “lying”, the festival workers notified the authorities and emergency services.

According to 911 sources, A.V.M, 23 years old, was admitted in the emergency department due to a bacterial infection in the rectum caused by the poor hygiene of her underwear. As reported by the hospital director, the boy had premium-level hemorrhoids, several infected fistulas and an ulcer with a 5 centimeters diameter caused by spending several days in a row with the same underwear. The feces and urine remains formed bacterial life there thanks to the humidity and the perfect climate for the proliferation of pathogenic viruses.

The toxicological analysis carried out after his admission in the health care center has revealed that the young man did not consume any type of drug during the festival, not even alcohol, and what caused his admission to the hospital was a metastasis of excrement from all over his organs. “Several feces reached his lungs,” said Dr. William Delray, “For a few moments we feared for his life, but now he is conscious and breathing without help, unfortunately he continues smelling pretty bad,” he concludes.

Due to the putrefying and deadly odor given off by that young man, the emergency staff had to equip themselves with anti-gas masks provided by the army. Once the tent was torn and the area fumigated, the young man began to breathe with the help of an oxygen cylinder, shortly he began to convulse and to foam until finally they managed to make him stable.

Once sedated with Ketamine for elephants, he was transferred to the nearest hospital, where he has been for almost 1 month. His condition is favorable and it is expected that in less than a week he will be discharged, but the 911 spokesman has communicated that the outcome could have been fatal, “If they had arrived 20 minutes later, he wouldn’t be alive, he was intoxicating himself with their own gases. “