Surgeons from the Worthwhile Foundation and from the California Holycow Hospital have reconstructed the feet of a 26-year-old woman with tissue from her forearm. The patient, a fashion addict, was almost ruined and overwhelmed by not having room for so many shoes.

The patient has recovered the joy of living and a lot of space in her wardrobes, with which, besides being able to save a large amount of money, she can show a slender figure, have informed the doctors Eduard Mean, director of the Andrology Service of the Worthwhile Foundation, and James Cheat, director of the Plastic Surgery service at the Holycow Hospital, who had led the surgery that lasted more than 10 hours.

After an interview with the lady who prefers to remain anonymous, she has confessed that before the surgery she was a very introverted, depressed and of closed character person. And thanks to the operation his life has radically changed.