Michael, underwent an anal whitening procedure last Thursday at the aesthetic clinic “If I can’t manage the diet, I pay with the card” that didn’t work out as he had planned.

As soon as he woke up, began his suspicions that instead of his anus her breasts were operated. According to Sawit’s own statements, his first thought was ” it wasn’t that bad, the eyelet doesn’t bother anything” but as he was waking up he realized that he had discomfort but it came from the chest area. “When I put my hands on my chest, the first thing I thought was, oh my god I have tits”.

Dr. Peter Jones, responsible for his operation, stated: “That day we were full of work and the nurse had her day off, I mixed the files and you know what happened next,” as a result Mr. Sawit went home with splendid breasts and the girl next in line with a shiny anus.  

The clinic has already stated that they will be responsible for this misunderstanding and they will replace the damage caused. Meanwhile Michael and his wife have fun experimenting with his provisional anatomy, they are even considering to keep them permanently.