A young man in Miami has earned his neighbor’s everlasting friendship after organizing an electronic music party on his balcony from 11 pm to 5 am last Saturday.

The 21 year-old called Denny Trance threw MDMA capsules at his neighbors balconies to encourage them to continue the party and give it all till the end.

The new was made public after several users posted videos on Facebook and Instagram explaining what was happening, “Someone is throwing drugs out the window and playing good music, I can’t believe it”. posted an user.

Denny made an Intagram live reaching 83 people at the best moment and during the video he said his drug was for sharing, throwing a total of 39 capsules. The party was a scandal and we could count up to 47 people dancing on their balconies. Finally, around 5 am Denny said goodbye to online viewers and those who were still drugged dancing on the balconies, ” it’s been a pleasure to share my music and my drugs with all of you, see y’all soon but next time with $30 in each hands” said.