The famous water parks at Disney World in Orlando, intend to apply a regulation that has created much controversy among the employers, “women who are in the period won’t be allowed” ,seeing is believing.

The owner assures that it’s a measure applied at request of users, who are tired of seeing traces of blood on the slides or pools, “it’s a matter of hygiene and health”, alleges.

It’s known that due to this blood, a disease has ever been infected in a water park, but there’s a case under investigation. A young woman who denounced one of these water parks for having caught gonorrhea and syphilis in one of its slides, a possibility that experts have already ruled out alleging the blood looses its potential to infect deseases 5 minutes after contacting the chlorine.

The water parks plan to open a bathing and fun area only for women who are in the period, where they will distribute ibuprofen candy, and men will be hired to listen to their desperate and “meaningless” screams.