A new government measure prohibits entry to bars by all people who drink non-alcoholic beer. With this measure the Government wants that while the capacity of the bars is reduced, only people who drink beer with alcohol because they consume much more than those who drink without alcohol.

“If only 30% of customers can now enter bars, unless they are experienced beer drinkers in order to alleviate the economic strata that the pandemic will leave in the sector.”

“If we let non-alcoholic drinkers into bars, we are condemning these businesses to the final closure. We need to get all the brewers out of the country and give them absolute priority to get out of this crisis as soon as possible. ”

“Being optimistic and always following the recommendations o, non-alcoholic beer drinkers will be able to enter bars and order their beers at the end of November approximately.” said state and locals health officials in rigorous exclusive.