A new law passed in the Swedish parliament will pay $10.000 for every child you have with a Swedish woman. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced it this morning at a press conference.

“Here we have a lot of single blondes who want to be mothers and cannot be, for this reason and after consulting with the head of the Swedish feminist movement, I have made the decision to pay $10.000 to all men willing to have a son with our beautiful blonde women ”said Löfven.

“The first and most important requirement is that the Swedish woman gives you the go-ahead to be the father of her children. To do this, a small form must be filled in showing the age, hobbies, tastes, 1 passport photo and a 1 min video where she can get to know better the candidate to be a father ”.

“Once selected, you can have up to a maximum of 6 children, being able to choose having them with the same woman or with different ones. The essential requirement will be that the man is not married, if he is, he must divorce as soon as possible and present the divorce certificate at the Swedish embassy in his country, before starting his journey.”

“The lucky ones who have passed all the filters will be paid for the flight and the staying in a 5-star hotel on an all-inclusive basis in the Swedish capital, where they can enjoy up to 15 days with the woman or women while developing their mission. Once the objective has been achieved, they will be able to choose between staying to live in Sweden with a lifetime salary of $3.000 per month or returning to their country of origin to continue with their lives”

“It is an unprecedented measure that I am sure will improve the economic situation of our country and of the men who manage to hunt a Swedish woman,” said Stefan Löfven.