We are talking about the case of Mr. Albert Cuckold, this man surprised his wife, Mrs. Monica Treason, in bed with another man and without hesitation and without being asked, she told Albert that it was what it seemed.

A reporter specialized in marriage issues has contacted Mr. Cuckhold, to obtain more information about what happened. This is his testimony:

“I already suspect that something was going on, my wife was acting very different for a while. I usually leave the house on Mondays and arrive on Friday afternoons, but this time I got home sooner, because that Friday were a party in the town where I was assigned that week.”

 “When I got home, I already had the impression that she wasn’t alone. On my way to the bedroom I was finding her clothes and the clothes of the man that she invited home as soon as I was going out the door.  Getting into the bedroom cleared up my suspicions.”

“Actually, what bothered me the most wasn’t seeing her in bed with another man, was seeing him smoking in the bed, when she always sent me to the balcony,” says Albert.