Many women are starting to drink beer daily after the results of this study. “Women who drink beer are sluttier than those who don’t,” said the study published in Science Women.

We have been able to interview Vanessa, responsible of this study, and who has left us the following statements:

“The success of the study I have experienced in my own shoes, I had spent a few years without drinking a single beer and without having a good time. One day after leaving work I went to a bar with some friends and had three beers in a large mug , I had it like never before and I had sex with three guys. It is clear that it is because of the beer, the beer has turned me into a real slut”.

“Now whenever I go to the supermarket I spend more time in the drinks area than cosmetics. The supermarket owner sets me on fire me. I still have a problem with alcoholism, but I don’t care, I love beer, it makes me happy and I have sex as much as I can, ”said Vanessa.