According to a study carried out at Columbia University, directed by the professor of philosophy Albert Wrong, it has been found that people who spend their lives complaining and protesting are always right and their problems are much more important than those of the rest of the people.

In an interview with Mr. Wrong who after gave us the reason when telling him about the horrible traffic in New York, he gave the following testimony:

“There are three types of people who spend the whole day complaining: 1. The idiots who know they complain about everything and are aware of their problem, 2. The idiots who complain about everything out loud and their problems are greater than those of the rest of the mortals, 3. The idiots who complain about everything out loud and even insult through Facebook and Twitter to reach more people as idiots as they are and make their complaint more powerful”.

“In respect of the most dangerous type of idiot the ones who complains on social media and even insult to have more reason, the best thing to do is to eliminate the comments of complaints and insults and block them, so that they can no longer access to complain and insult, in this way, the idiot has no choice but to complain and insult elsewhere”. “It is very difficult to know if the complainer belongs to type 1, 2 or 3, so after years studying on the subject the best thing is to say to the idiot ‘Sure, you’re right’ and make yourself look like a fool in his eyes”, has stated Mr. Wrong while saying goodbye agreeing on everything the reporter said.