A study carried out by students from the University of Stanford, has revealed that contrary to what everyone thought, beer doesn’t get fat, the one who fatten is you.

One of our most beer lover’s reporter has moved to the ” Fat House” tavern, where he has been able to meet Mark Fattened, professor at the University and promoter of the study, who has made the following statements:

“All my life I have listened to my parents and my relatives telling me the same thing: Mark, don’t drink more beer, beer makes you fat! Mark you don’t know how much beer may fatten you!”  

“But I didn’t listen to anyone, I had to prove it for myself, and I did, after 3 years in a row drinking beer here in the ” Fat House” and comparing results I have been able to see that the beer is not fattening, the one that has fattened has been me”, Mark assured to our reporter