The result of a study confirms that all the stationary bicycles sold in the United States end up being used daily, but as a rack or in some cases as a clothesline and not for exercising at home.

The marketing manager of a popular brand of sports machines corroborate the data provided by the study, these were her words:

“Yes, we can assure you that, unfortunately, all the stationary bicycles that we sell end up turned into racks. They are the only machines that are given another use after being used for a few days for which they were manufactured.”

“Other machines such as treadmills are also rarely used, but these are often sold second-hand and rotate from house to house until they eventually break down. The good thing about giving it a second function is that the production and sale of the product doesn’t decrease, because our clients don’t usually sell them as they are very useful for hanging their clothes”, concludes this expert.