According to a study carried out by students from the Stanford University, 90% of men who attend spinning classes do so with the only objective of pleasing their eyes, the other 10% are more ambitious and also try to get any phone number to meet after class and be pleased for longer.

In an interview to Mark Anger, one of the respondents, made the following statements:

“I have always been lazy and I have never cared about my physique, it is evident that the only reason I go to classes every day is to please my eyes, otherwise I would be at home lying on the sofa playing videogames”.

 “Those who are ‘motivated’ by the classes amused me, they don’t believe it themselves, they are the ones who end up going to the girls with a story trying to get their phone number.”

 “Most of the boys who go to classes are honest and we go with our objective, those” motivated “, I don´t know how they don’t hang their heads in shame, I´ll threw them all out of the gym, sentenced Mark”.