Cody Reel has sent us the testimony of how he carried out a two-week diet plan to lose weight without obtaining appreciable results.

We give you exclusively the story of this man who, tired of playing sports and not achieving his goal, launched into trying one of these revolutionary methods that only worth to waste time.

“It all started because one day I was walking down the street and a coin fell from my pocket and when I leaned to pick it up, my jeans ripped at the back, leaving my virgin parts at sight of several children who were looking at that moment behind the fence of a school”.

“After the embarrassing moment suffered, I decided to do something to lose weight. I googled “miraculous diets” and after avoiding several porn links, I followed the steps of one of those pages to lose weight”.

“After two pretty hard weeks eating like a vegan, I realized that all I had lost was fourteen days”.