The Criminal Code added article 145.9 to the category of international crimes on June 1st. This section indicates that snoring next to someone and producing in this one a pathology of insomnia or stress, may be sentenced with penalties of 6 to 24 months in prison.

Victims will have to prove, for this, the victims will only have to corroborate their diseases with a medical report and file a complaint with the Police Department.

The spokesman has publicly said that if the victim presents audio as evidence, it would make the process much faster. “I’ve suffered this on my skin for more than 12 years and i’m still here, i’m bald because my wife”, he added.

The government has already announced that it’s working to offer a private number (Hotline) to all people who are going through the daily torture of hearing their partner snoring, avoiding suicides or self-injures due to the constant psychological abuse.