A study carried out by several students at the a famous University has concluded that smoking Marijuana during pregnancy helps the baby to be born a Republican. This has been confirmed by this group of 5 students from the last year of the Psychology degree, presenting an end-of-grade thesis in which they talk about drug use and its effect on the body, as well as changes in the fetus during the process of gestation.

According to the study, babies formed in the womb of a mother who used marijuana during pregnancy unconsciously chose the colors yellow and purple, while the delivered neonates of a healthy woman showed no preference.

The test was carried out in a very similar way to what the octopus Paul made his predictions in the 2010 World Cup. Babies were placed in the crib in front of colored circles, and if they chose yellow or purple, they were born Republicans. . “There is no more, it’s that simple,” says Robert, spokesman and leader of the group.

The exercises have been performed on 100 anonymous women, “some were our friends,” Robert confesses, being 50 smokers of marijuana and cannabis, while the other half were healthy and well-off people.

The results were overwhelming; 48 babies, 4 of them twins, went without thinking to the colors yellow and purple, and some of them were even able to form the United States flag with pieces of wood that the students placed in a corner of the crib. All of them, according to their story, come to the world of mothers who have smoked during pregnancy.