A young man in Los Angeles has smoked a huge blunt in his apartment ,at dinner time, last Saturday and 23 neighbors got high.

The authorities received several calls from the neighbors alerting about a smoke coming through their windows and they couldn’t stop laughing. Two police officers got to the place and after taking a statement, they verified that 23 people were intoxicated. After identifying the young man’s house, he was sanctioned for drugging his neighbors.

According to some neighbors, the young man played reggae music at maximum volume, for the previously planned occasion, and used a fan to direct the smoke toward the neighbors’s windows. “I just wanted people to find peace with my product and laugh together in these pandemic days”. said the man laughing with red eyes.

Within 23 intoxicated people, only 7 filed a complaint against the man, so a trial will have to come. The others 16 stated that at first it was a bit awkward but then they had a great time. “I just got a little bit of smoke but it was the best time of the day, even though I understand many people don’t like weed”, said one of them.