Sarah, who is facing a triplet pregnancy caused by her ex-boyfriend, with whom she slept 7 months ago to say goodbye definitively after having broken the relationship weeks before. She has agreed to be interviewed and has taken the opportunity to remind all the young and not so young girls that they should not sleep with their ex. “I told him to back up and he put it all inside on purpose,” laments.

However, despite her pregnancy with triplets, Sarah claims to be “very happy” and “ready” to face the situation. “I promise to give the best life to these babies, but it is true that I would have liked to share this with someone next to me. So if someone wants to take over, I’ll give him my phone number ”, she adds.

She also explained that she slept with his ex to have “the last sex”, in the back of a car, and after 3 months she realized something was wrong, “I did the tests and The test told me I was pregnant and that I was an idiot. Reason was not lacking ”, said with ironic words.

Now her ex is missing, but she warns that she is not going to look for him to receive the support, “we think he has gone swimming to Australia, his mother doesn’t know where he is and his brothers don’t want to talk to me. Maybe he has committed suicide, that is also possible ”, she points out. “I can’t explain how he didn’t get me pregnant in 4 years of relationship and that damn day he made it”, she smiles tearfully.