This is the case of John “Hair face”, a Syracuse neighbor who at the age of twenty-five, decided to let his beard grow due to his lack of self-esteem, beauty and success with girls.

Due to his extremely bushy beard, he could choose between all the single women and occasionally the married ones. He had three divorces and six children distributed throughout the community in his five years of beard, each one with a different woman.

 It was one afternoon last December, during the Christmas holidays, when he decided to shave that beard that gave him until that precisely moment the security he never had.

“But if I wasn’t that ugly !!, what the hell has happened to me !!, I’ve got Freddy Krueger’s face!! Noooooooooo !!”

Since then, two weeks ago, he’s being treated in the consultation of the prestigious psychologist Dr. Madcap, in the city that never sleeps, waiting for the growing of the beard that gave him so many afternoons of glory.  We wish you a very speedy recovery. Cheer up John!!!!