Satan wanted to uncheck the voices that attributed the authority of reggaeton. He requested an exclusive interview with us to clear the rumors about it.

Even hell itself we have displaced our reporter Tommy, to collect first-hand the statements of the Lord of Darkness in person, who has received us in a robe and slippers to walk through hell.

Satan or Beelzebub, as he himself admits he likes to be called, is a simple guy, who likes to walk through his gardens of eternal fire, while listening to the laments of the damned to burn in hell.

While we walk through the gardens, Lucifer has expressed that he is very sorry because some people attribute the authorship of reggaeton to him, but that music has nothing to do with him.

“Since I created Rock and heavy metal I have not done any music again, now I am focused on higher challenges such as climate change and culminating my work with a cataclysm of biblical dimensions.” “Although I have to admit that sometimes I like to have fun getting some devilish character into American politics.” “What am I going to do…it’s my job, I can’t help it, I’m the evil.”