This morning the police department has proposed to denounce 147 attendees of a nudist beach located in California, for not using the Covid-19 protection face masks while they were walking along the shore .

The police action caused a great brawl between users and the security forces. A team of reporters went to the place to get the testimony of several defendants who have not been able to hide their anger.

“I’m not gonna wear the face mask”, were screaming to more than one man upon learning that this time, feeling in full freedom and in harmony with nature was going to cost him $100 of fine. Those affected do not rule out appealing the complaints on the understanding that they have a desire to collect.

The problems did not escalate despite the tension that was experienced there, thanks to the occurrence of a beach user, who decided to put the panties in her mouth and the mask of panties as a protest and in the end managed to calm the commotion caused by removing a laugh to all present.