Developing a vaccine against a new virus is a long and uncertain process, as well as being lazy and expensive, but it can end up being very profitable for pharmaceutical companies if the epidemic continues. At least, that is what a group of researchers from the United Kingdom think, who have taken advantage from the rest, finding the possible cure against coronavirus in a component of Marijuana plants.

Can the cure for coronavirus be in marijuana? “The answer is yes,” asked John Payne, leader of the study carried out. According to the testimony of these researchers, the THCV molecule of the hemp plant is able of killing the virus if it is administered in the correct way. “That is why the disease was born in China, because there is hardly any use of marijuana and the virus spreads freely in the body of Asians,” confirmed Payne.

For Stephanie Bull, a health scientist and founder of the Health Lab, THCV is able to stop the spread of the virus by immunizing the uninfected. “The most complicated thing is to extract the THCV molecule, which takes a slow maceration process of 14 days and it takes 100 grams of plant to obtain 10 of this component.”

“Be careful, we are not saying that you have to swell up to avoid contracting the Coronavirus. But 0.02 grams of THCV injected intravenously may reduce the possibilities down to 15% of contracting the virus ”, Stephanie assures she received the possibility of curing with infected rats, “in total we have worked with more than 1000 specimens, and the rodents that received a minimum dose of THCV were cured in less than 24 hours”.