Yesterday afternoon, the CNN reported on this sad news that reminds us that not everything is glamor and success in the Mecca of cinema. “Another broken toy”, “he has always loved to be out clubbing, he had it coming” “he was used to it and that took its toll on his career” were some comments that we have been able to hear from some fans of the saga.

Upon receiving notice from an anonymous citizen who thought he recognized him, the paramedical services traveled to the place to verify the abandonment and the unhealthy conditions in which the famous Star Wars robot lived:

“When we arrived he could barely move, he was next to a park bench with four cartons wine cube of Pinot Grigio inside and countless cigarette butts…” tells us one of the doctors.

Given the flood of donations and the social alarm raised, the producers of the film, with George Lucas in charge, have decided to intern him in a rehabilitation center in Nevada, known to be one of the most used by movie stars: ” here he will get better, they will give him a good coat of paint, they will clean up the cables and circuits in poor condition, they will change the defective parts and they will update the software so that he could pass the withdrawal as soon as possible “assures us the director of the center