David Callen, 32-year-old, has unwittingly become news after publishing a story about people after his first Yoga classes. Bottom line: He signed up for Yoga classes to give up joints and after three weeks he has stopped the course and started smoking joints again because he says “it is more relaxing”.

“I have been smoking marijuana for 9 years to relax at night. They told me with Yoga I could reach that state of relaxation and peace, but those who told me, have no idea of ​​life. I have unsubscribed from the course and I have not given even 10 classes, the joints are much more relaxing, they cost me less money and I do not have to move from home ”, he explains on his social networks.

His Twitter and Instagram accounts received thousands of messages yesterday afternoon, many of them “most”, he says, from people who think like him. However, there has also been room for criticism, and they have branded him a drug addict, junkie, among others.

“I do not want to encourage people to leave Yoga, far from it, I just want to say that before doing Yoga I rather smoking 17 joints face to face. That way is where the chakras line me up, ”he explains.