The school of psychologists has released a statement in the last hours where they assure that you can be an idiot and have many degrees or be a genius without any study.

Until now, there were many of us who thought that being intelligent was proportional to the degree of education of each one, however this report confirms the opposite and reveals that once born as an idiot, you´ll live and die as an idiot, regardless of your training and even your social status.

The director of the school of psychologists Jin Sane Asylum, has granted an exclusive interview to explain where they reached these conclusions and this is what he told:

“After many years in this profession we began to suspect that highly educated people were quite stupid and people with any or little training seemed very intelligent, so we decided to do an essay with which we could create a statistic that let us astonished, many engineers, doctors or graduates were not able to blow smoke rings with a joint, starting with me, and some of the less educated people solved a lot of complex problems throughout the day”