A survey of more than a thousand psychologists by the prestigious United States Census Bureau has revealed a truth that someone should finally say, we don’t tell people to go fuck themselves as we should.

According to the survey, the repression of such act remains in our emotions causing anguish that ends up leading us to the psychologist.

Because of this, we have gone to the ¨To each their own ¨ clinic, run by the eminent doctor Mark Screw Loose to know his always valid opinion, these were his words:

“Everyone knows that our treatment techniques differ considerably from the  conventional ones”, “that is why my patients spend hours looking at their faces and telling each other to go fuck themselves “.

“it is a very therapeutic routine, as much for the boss, who feels liberated and helps him to tell the idiots, he can find in his day to day, to go fuck themselves, as well as for the subordinate, because as well as some people are idiots for us, we can also be idiots for others, and we must be prepared to be tell to go fuck ourselves at any time.”

After the interview we have said goodbye to the doctor thanking him for his time, however his response has been, ” go fuck yourselves, you are pretty annoying.”