Austin Peters, 38 years old has become the laughingstock of his group of friends after showing up for dinner with his bald spot full of freshly painted blue dots. According to the testimony of one of his friends, Austin was the last to arrive, and as soon as he entered through the door of the bar he shouted “I’ve got my hair on!” The laughters could not be greater, and Austin understood nothing. “But if I have really grafted my hair, are y’all stupid or what? I have spent $2,500 and I am no longer bald”, he explained in front of his 13 friends.

“But if you have painted yourself with a pen, don’t screw with me”, reproached his cousin, who is more confident with him. Austin denied it at all times, and continued to justify himself by ensuring that the hair had been grafted at the Cristiano Ronaldo clinic in Barcelona.

Finally the 13 turned against him before the clear evidence of his lie, and they chose to photograph his bald head to upload it to the networks and make a fool of him. “Our colleague comes to dinner with his bald head painted blue and tells us he has grafted hair hahahaha,” they commented with the photo on Facebook.

However Austin kept saying that he had grafted hair. Seeing is believing. Finally, to make them believe him, he offered everyone to run their hands over his bald head to notice the scab of the surgery. “Hahahahahahaha come on man if it’s softer and bald than a baby’s bottom. You are a false saint, bro ”, answered the first one who rubbed his head. The laughter grew louder and Austin, pretty upset, left the place before trying a bite. “Do not speak to me again, when I have an enviable mane like that of the magic of my mane, do not come to me with the fact that you want to be my friend. Fuck y’all! ”He exclaimed before leaving.