The security camaras of a supermarket, in Kansas city, have perfectly recorded an old lady poking holes in condoms while she was shopping. The grandma took the condoms out of their containers to pierce them with a pin without being seen. The video shows the old lady’s ability and skills, typical of a crime professional.

One of the security guards team alarmed the supermarket workers after seeing the surprising images. The recording is 7 days ago but the employees suspect the old lady may have been acting in this way for several months. “Lately she came to shop pretty often and seemed like a kind and educated woman”, said one of the cashiers.

The supermarket director calls on the inhabitants of the area to check their condoms before using them. “We reviewed sales and we have sold 24 big packages of condoms”.

The Police Department is already investigating the images to find her and find out the reason that leads her to act in this way. It’s suspected she may have been doing the same in different supermarkets around the city, so the Healthcare system warns, the risk of unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS infection in Kansas, could increase nearly 75% in the next 3 months.