The famous sports brand Nike has presented its new collection of edible beach flip flops made with lettuce from the orchard, with which it intends to revolutionize the sector and take a definitive step towards daring designs and respect for the environment, values ​​both important to the more youthful public.

 The creator of this new concept, Mr. Jack Salads, has stated: “the idea came up one day when I was out of money and with nothing to eat in the fridge, I went for a walk on the beach and after trying to fish with my own hands and running after crabs, I was desperate and ended up biting the rubber flip flops “

“That had me sick for several weeks in the hospital, long enough to came up with this idea with which I hope stop being poor forever! The sneakers have an approximate duration of 45 minutes, after that time, eating them will no longer be a healthy option”, he warns.

“For those more demanding consumers, we plan to deliver with each pair of flip flops, a pack of vinegar and oil to be use to dissimulate the foot odor from the lettuce, isn’t it great?”