A famous Night club has been denounced at 3:00 am for having raffled a gram of cocaine among customers who had agreed to celebrate the post-coronavirus opening party , as reported this morning the Police Department.

The raffling of grams of cocaine has been prohibited since 1987, when a priest died of an overdose in California after being the winner of the raffling. Since then, the records of this activity have not been recorded, but yesterday the Club owners were caught when they tried to recover 1000 mg of cocaine among their clients.

According to several witnesses, one of the waiters went to the customers’ booths shouting ” don’t miss it!! we’re raffling tonight a gram of cocaine for only $5…you can get it ” as a vendor itinerant.

In addition, the room broadcast images on its television screens of the numbers available for the raffling. “They sold 100 tickets for $5 and whoever won, would take the cocaine. They got $500 and the customer got a pretty worthly product. I don’t think it should be denounces denounced, ”suggested an assistant on social media.