It has just been released a report of a magnificent study carried out by the prestigious “personal trainer” and nutritionist, Jack Glutton, who with the support of the Department of Health and Human Services, has managed to break any argument that supports the theory that running loses weight.

This report ensures that every person who runs for an hour only lose energy, and exactly sixty minutes. After many tests, it has been shown that weight is what you lose the least.

Mr. Glutton made the following statements in an interview: “Aside from the fact that running is only made by cowards, it’s also proven that it’s not the best way to lose weight. In my book “You can get out of sport”, I give a wide variety of “tricks” to lose more weight than doing sports. “

“Although my biggest advice is to make love a lot and don’t be piggish at dinners. Anything that is sweating and striving without pleasure is useless,” said Jack, a little overweight and with his whiskey with cola during the interview.