Pornhub, the adult content website, faces a particular accusation from a courageous mother who has filed a formal complaint against them because they have “stolen” her son, only 19 year-old. The complainant woman, who responds to the acronym R.T.C, has gone to the Police Department to file the lawsuit. As evidence of the crime, she showed up with 25 pounds of toilet paper made cardboard, presumably by her son and we all know in what way.

“My son does not leave the room and he is going blind. The other day I had to dress him because he hardly sees a damn thing. A few months ago he was a normal boy, but now and since they gave him the free premium version I don’t know what has happened to him”.

“He does not leave the room and does not let me in, he only eats nuts and Coca Cola. The little he leaves his room is to get more toilet paper, and on top of that he sometimes trips because he sees less than a mole”, she declared in the complaint. In addition, the woman was very indignant and asked the agents for help to block her son’s access to any similar page. “My son is dying, he is going to kill himself jerking off,” he added.

But this is not the only case. Pornhub has received several accusations from users who claim to have caused osteoarthritis in the bones from so much masturbation. Without going any further, last year the case of Nikki Tom 53 year-old, became famous, who got a compensation of $11,300 after demonstrating in court that he lost the mobility of his right arm using his services. “That page is addictive, or so I have been told. You have to make a responsible use and when you think you have a problem, it is better to share it, but we understand that it is a difficult spiral to get out of, ”explained National Corps agent Philip Hoke.